Radius Power Introduces Compact, High-performance, Dual-stage Three Phase Delta Power Line Filter Family

Radius Power Introduces Compact, High-performance, Dual-stage Three Phase  Delta Power Line Filter Family. The RP330 Dual-stage Filter Supports High Power Applications Up To 250A

Radius Power, Inc. a Global leader in the design and manufacture of EMI and RFI Power Line Filters, today announced the introduction of the RP330 Series, a dual-stage, 3-phase DELTA power line filter family targeting high power three phase inverters and other chassis-mounted, three-phase applications requiring very high insertion loss performance in a very compact mechanical outline.

Three-phase variable frequency drives (VFD) and inverter-based systems will benefit from the high insertion loss performance provided by the dual-stage RP330 Series. With the introduction of this product family, Radius Power enables manufacturers to achieve EMI compliance in an optimized solution with a very compact form factor.

“The popularity of the RP360 Series, a compact single-stage, three-phase DELTA power line filter family up to 60A, has prompted the Company to release the RP330 Series. A natural follow-on to the RP360, with the RP330 Series customers now have access to a higher performing dual-stage offering up to current ratings of 250A and in the smallest footprint in the industry” said George Wells, Radius Power Vice President of Sales.   A total of nine models are available starting with ampacity as low as 10A, and voltage inputs of 480VAC to 520VAC. Threaded metal stud terminations are provided as standard on all models. Each of these products possess a wide choice of Y-Capacitance values within their UL files, resulting in thousands of possible configurations each of which are Agency Approved. As a qualified “UL Data Acceptance Program” supplier, Radius Power provides unparalleled time-to-market advantages to the Customer.