EMI Filters

Radius Power, is an international leader in the design, development and manufacturing of standard and custom EMI, EMC and RFI Filters. From in-house and on-site services, to ongoing investments in research, development, production and sales/distribution, Radius Power is uniquely positioned as a top global player in the EMI/EMC/RFI Filter business. Our EMI, EMC and RFI Filters help your products meet all the relevant EMI requirements and achieve “Mission Success” in the most demanding applications. We are a uniquely integrated to offer advanced standard and custom EMI Filter designs, cutting edge engineering, testing, in-depth product/technical support and lean manufacturing for quick turnaround time.

We offer a complete selection of standard (off the shelf) Power line, IEC Inlet, MIL-COTS an TEMPEST EMI filters for DC, single phase and 3-phase AC (delta and wye) applications. Our EMI / EMC / RFI Filter solutions, range from small 1A single phase or DC EMI filter to high-power 2500A / 690VAC industrial 3-phase EMI filters and 2500A / 1200VDC EMI filters for inverter applications. Most of our standard catalog items carry international approvals (UL, cUL/CSA, IEC/EN/CE).

Our full range of Standard solutions can be easily customized to meet customer-specific requirements and to help our customers meet all the international compliance standards. With our in-house agency approval capability, even our customized and fully custom product can be supplied with full agency approvals for US, Canada and Europe, if required, making it easy for end user’s equipment to meet the EMI immunity and safety standards.

Single Phase EMI Filters

  • Standards to 200A
  • 50/60Hz to 400Hz

Three Phase EMI Filters

  • Standards to 2500A
  • Delta and WYE

IEC Inlet Filters

  • Standards to 20A
  • Multiple Functions

DC EMI Filters

  • Standards to 2500A
  • Voltages to 1200V

Inverter EMI Filters

  • Standards to 2500A
  • Solar / Industrial / Drives

Medical Grade EMI Filters

  • Standards to 2500A
  • Variable Leakage Current

Military EMI Filters

  • MIL-461 / DO-160
  • Standards to 150A
  • 1PH & 3PH Models

Tempest Filters

  • Standards to 225A
  • 1PH & 3PH Models
  • Facility and 100dB Models

Telecom EMI Filters

  • EN60950
  • 48V Systems
  • PCB Mount Models

Custom EMI Filters

  • Any size
  • Any Shape
  • Up to 2500A